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Francine Fortunato

We are a family-owned business founded thru guidance. I have always had a love for gemstones. I suffered from chronic pain and discovered Healing Crystals and want to share it with the world. I only purchase crystals with the highest frequency. All our items are blessed and cleansed.  We base our principles of high-quality workmanship, and excellent value.

After extensive training  with a variety of spiritual and inspirational backgrounds, Francine is an ordained minister.   We are finally doing our dream, helping people:)  My mission to help people learn about spiritual laws and their vibrational energy and how to harmonize their energy using healing crystals. These beautiful gifts from God are here to bring love and light into your lives, why not use them.

I wrote about this venture 5 years ago, when I learned how to journal.  As , a crystal lover, I decided to  create Fortunate Changes to nurture the soul & bring positive changes within you.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, our souls all have a plan for our lives. The moment we learn to meditate, we start listening to our inner voice, is the moment we start living our life purpose.  But, in today's society, it is difficult to have a minute to yourself .  That is when you have to stop and say, I'm more important!

We truly enjoy and feel blessed being part of such an amazing community of people.  We are committed to providing the best quality Products and Services to make a fortunate change in your life.

We are honored in bringing you this magical piece of love and light.

We’d  hope to bring that light to you!

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Many Blessings, Love & Light,

Francine Fortunato & Tianna Arguinzoni xoxo

A proud member of  Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club


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